The internets are buzzing about the little boy named TerRio lately and not in a great way. The seven-year-old known to the world for his “Ohhh Kill Em” Vine videos is finding concern from adults worldwide regarding his scheduling and recent weight gain.

Twitter has especially been expressing it’s growing concern about the little boy recently. Check out some of the tweets that we’ve run across.

You get the point. Concern for the fact that the little boy doesn’t seem to be in school is big but the bigger problem most people seem to be having is the recent weight gain that TerRio has experienced. Then when you add in all the public appearances at clubs and adult parties…it all just starts to seem like it’s too much.

It’s starting to feel like they’ve taken a little boy and turned him into a side show attraction. He’s not even 10 years old yet. He should be running outside and playing with friends not hanging in the club. He has the rest of his life for that.

The worst part is the one thing we’ve noticed the most..we never see him smiling anymore. In every picture he looks either vacant or just sad. At some point people need to ask themselves if it were their kid…would they want this for them? We wouldn’t want it for our child. Not by a long shot.

If he was your little cousin…would it still be as amusing? We’re just sayin.


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