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Veteran actor Aaron Eckhart knows what it takes to bring the best out of a role, but he may have gone a bit too far with his latest flick, “I Frankenstein.”  In preparing to play the titular monster in the film version of Kevin Grevioux’s graphic novel adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic monster tale, he gave his personal trainer very specific instructions.

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“I had one trainer that was a Cirque Du Soleil performer and I said to him ‘your job is to try to kill me everyday,'” he shared with “So we got in good shape and really needed because there was so much action in the movie and I needed to keep my energy up.”

In “I, Frankenstein” Eckhart is Adam Frankenstein, an immortal creature who finds himself caught in a battle between demons and the gargoyles. Watch as he shares how he prepared for the role.

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