As we just reported the boxing promoter Damon Feldman who was responsible for the George Zimmerman vs DMX fight, has been changing up his mind about the fight due to public pressure all day. Welp looks like he has done it yet again because he just took to Twitter to announce that he is going to hold a press conference on Tuesday about his final decision.

We hate to say we’re not surprised but we ARE NOT! While everyone else was submitting his name for sainthood a little while ago after his last round of tweets calling the fight off….we felt very skeptical. We didn’t trust that he wasn’t going to do something sketchy. We just couldn’t believe that he was simply going to let it go and walk away.

There is NO WAY that he just now….TODAY…thought about what the Martin Family must be going through. HE KNEW when he got George Zimmerman on board what he was doing and how people were going to feel. He has gotten more attention for all of this foolishness than he ever should have and anybody foolish enough to sponsor this stupid fight should be prepared for public backlash like none other.

DMX should not take this fight…he should walk away. None of this is about Trayvon Martin getting justice. It’s about shady lames praying on the heartstrings of a people who are still broken over what happened.

Check out what he is tweeting about the situation NOW!






No matter what he says…he looks like nothing but an opportunist in many eyes. Whatever this guy is selling we as a culture don’t need. Besides snake oil comes a dime a dozen. We can all just buy it from the next salesman who comes along.



#TJMSforTrayvon Across the Country
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