When your family makes it clear that they don’t like the person you plan to marry, you better make sure your family members aren’t as vindictive as one British man’s sister.

When a British woman couldn’t get her brother to call off his wedding to a woman she deemed not good enough for him, she took matters into her own hands and canceled it herself. 50-year-old Ann Duffy called the Plymouth Registry Office in the United Kingdom 20 days before the nuptials and impersonated her soon-to-be sister-in-law and  told the Registry Office the wedding was canceled.

As if being spiteful enough to cancel the wedding wasn’t bad enough, Duffy called her brother after she got off the phone with the Registry Office. Duffy told her brother exactly what she did and was proud of it. That pride soon turned into anger and shame when she realized her brother and his fiancée went to the police and had her arrested.

Ann Duffy’s case went to court and sue to her extensive criminal record, she was sentenced to eight weeks behind bars. Police also issued a restraining order so that Ann Duffy is forced to stay away from her brother’s fiancée.



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