Some days, you just want to know when too far, is really toooo far?

So bright one morning, the Internet was greeted with “Nobody,” a “new” track from Maybach Music boss Rick Ross from his upcoming album “Mastermind.” With his original single “The Devil Is a Lie” feat. Jay-Z failing to catch or match the magic created by “F*uckwithmeyouknowigotit,” the buzz on the upcoming opus has been about as visible as Kanye’s modesty.

So what does former manager and current cosigner Diddy decide to do? Green-light Rozay to redo the Notorious B.I.G. classic “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You.”   This is just months after Diddy leased out Biggie’s Coogi sweater to DJ Khaled for the track “I feel Like Pac, I feel like Biggie.” (And if you think we’re hating even Jadakiss said the track added nothing to their legacy.)

Let me say that one more time for the cheap seats…

In one fell swoop, a few weeks away from the R.I.P. anniversary of his franchise artist The Notorious B.I.G. Sean “Diddy” Combs decided to let a former C.O. remake the great Frank White.

This ain’t the Brooklyn bullsh*t Biggie was on.

Now normally, that kind of blatant blasphemy would have me asking Where Were Your Boys? in a desperate attempt to locate any cat that cared enough to stop the boy from embarrassing himself before it was too late. But in this case, we know the location. He’s in his grave breakdancing like a backup on “Beat Street” while his homie lets a cop get sloppy with his hit. So instead, I think I’ll ask something different.

WTF Were You Thinking??

Isn’t it bad enough that you’ve left behind a legacy of theft long enough to make Native Americans shed a single tear? That half of your former artists that aren’t on work release are on the unemployment line? That the ones who have managed to escape the icy fist of failure that is the Bad Boy curse have to express gratitude through gritting teeth? You had to piss vintage Crys all over the house that Biggie built along with the carpenter knowing damn well French Montana on the hook would give him the same reaction you named your network after?

Are we really gonna pretend that Rick hasn’t been dripping lemon-pepper scented drool on his cleavage over the concept of being seen as the next Biggie Smalls?? You adding the only kind of bacon Biggie wasn’t fond of to his song is like David Stern setting up the new rules to the Slam Dunk contests right before he retires for good… one final middle finger to the fans.

If you want forgiveness, go make nice with Ma$e. When it comes to Biggie, you’re never gonna get one more chance to stop us from hoping that C.J. sweep-kicks you when he grows up.

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