If the chronicles of Solange Knowles (aka the elevator Larry Davis) have taught us anything, it’s that you don’t court the crazy. And any man that wants to fist fight an entire arena at halftime definitely qualifies as a few forties short of a front porch. But once the word hit the wire that QB’s […]

This has got to stop… I want it said from the top of the talk, I have not come here to bash the boy Robin Thicke. It’s my understanding in the fundamentals of manhood, that you just aren’t a man until you know what it feels like to camp out on a couch in the […]

Some days, you just want to know when too far, is really toooo far? So bright one morning, the Internet was greeted with “Nobody,” a “new” track from Maybach Music boss Rick Ross from his upcoming album “Mastermind.” With his original single “The Devil Is a Lie” feat. Jay-Z failing to catch or match the […]

“Ignorance is bliss” has got to be one of the most inaccurate phrases in the history of the human language. That’s probably true, right up until it’s NOT. Ignorance isn’t being stupid, that’s an inability to learn. Ignorance is what you don’t know, and the fact is that most times, what you haven’t learned will […]

Well it’s a new year. And while everyone around the world was looking forward to fresh new beginnings in 2014, some of us couldn’t resist earning a few last minute fuckery points before 2013 said sayonara. Enter ya boy D-Wade… mostly because he entered someone other than his long time former girlfriend and current fiancé […]

Throughout the year, we here at TheUrbanDaily have attempted to maintain the power balance between practical thinking and playing yourself with a modest column called Where Were Your Boys?? The mission was simple and pure, point out the occasions when common sense failed in effort to thwart the victories of yes-men worldwide and therefore make […]

This is a cry for help… with a bullhorn. Chris Brown. R&B singer, Grammy award winner, dancer, actor and now, MVP of the f*ckery that is the Where Were Your Boys? column. Yep, you can officially set your watch to Chris’s chaos. That train is never late. According to reports, Chris Brown was in Washington […]

  The Gods of the Yes-Men are rejoicing heavy now. Jamie Foxx, the Oscar Award-winning star of the silver screen was reported by In Touch Magazine via multiple-source confirmations that Jamie was jumping off with Katie Holmes on a regular basis. In other words, Foxx pulled the ultimate homie-hop by claiming Katie, ex-wife of his […]

  So I was sitting in my house watching Breaking Bad, trying to figure out if my neighborhood has been gentrified enough to turn my closet into a meth lab when I get an email about new music from Juvenile of Cash Money fame. I figured a lil Nawlins would be the perfect motivation to […]

  I’m not gonna pretend to understand this at all… Toure is a journalist…that much is clear. I mean the man’s a writer, serves on The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame committee and hosts “The Hip-Hop Shop” for Fuse. Hell, he’s even a contributor for MSNBC. So you’d like to assume he’s well informed. […]

  This has got to stop… The VMAs have always been known to get a little raunchy, that’s pretty much been a fact since the beginning. Every year the good people at MTV have allowed artists to push the envelope during performances in their attempts to out do each other’s red carpet relevance. Between Lady […]

A few years ago Jay Electronica was the patron saint of the underground rap world.  After grinding throughout the scene for years the Nawlins native developed a cult following that struck mainstream gold with the release of the Just Blaze backed “Exhibit C.” With Diddy on speed dial, production on Nas’s album, a baby by […]