Fans are accusing Jennifer Hudson of shading Lupita Nyong’o‘s Oscar win from the other night. According to Vlad TV, shortly after Lupita accepted her Academy Award Sunday night, J-Hud took to her Instagram account and posted a pic of all of her various awards…including her Oscar.

Apparently some Team Lupita fans didn’t take too kindly to that act and called Hudson out for not allowing Lupita to have her moment to herself.

Take a look at the picture at the center of all the darn fuss below.

Fans scolded Jennifer for attempting to steal Lupita’s shine so soon after the award was given out but …..we don’t really think J-Hud was trying to do that at all. It seems a bit ill timed and we guess we can see why people might call it insensitive. But we don’t think Ms. Hudson is a mean girl. It really seems as though she may have just been reliving her own experience and didn’t think about anyone taking offense to it.

It’s great that Lupita has excited fans…bu let’s all take it down a notch on this one..we don’t  think anyone meant to throw shade.


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