Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or taking a trip to Cancun for your first ever spring break, flights are boring.

While some may opt to watch movies on their smart phones or tablets, others enjoy a good read. But who really wants to lug around three or four magazines with luggage? Not to fret. Inflight Digital CEO Ed Young announced a new app, the Inflight Reader App, which allows travelers to download magazines for 24 hours onto their tablets and smart phones while traveling.

The app senses when a user is inside one of the more than 500 airports across the country and then unlocks a library of different magazine titles and allows users the opportunity to select their favorite publications. For users who wanted something to skim through, the magazine is gone after 24 hours. For others who want to continue reading, they can purchase the magazine within the app.

Sounds dope, right?

For more information on the Inflight Reader. CLICK HERE

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