It’s not everyday that you hear about a legendary comedian being embroiled in a battle with someone reported to be claiming kinship. Well, such is the life of Oscar-nominated actor/comedian Eddie Murphy. He is currently in a the middle of a $50 million lawsuit brought on by up and coming Los Angeles based comic Brando Murphy. If you have been on a gossip blog in the past few months, you’ve more than likely heard this story.

Eddie Murphy began firing cease and desist letters to Brando when he got wind Brando was allegedly using the Murphy name and the fact that the two resemble each other to get people to believe Brando was Eddie Murphy’s long lost son. However, Brando Murphy was the one who slapped the “Coming To America” star, his legal team, manager, and few others with a fifty million dollar lawsuit for defamation. Brando claimed in his court documents that “the name Murphy is of Irish decent … and not exclusive to Eddie Murphy, a ‘Black Man’ of African Ancestry and a purported African American.” Eddie Murphy’s legal team responded to the lawsuit with, “This is an absolutely ridiculous lawsuit, and we are confident it will be immediately dismissed by the court.”


When I first heard about the lawsuit, I admittedly dismissed it as some struggle comic trying to get famous off the name of Eddie Murphy. Despite already having been the judge and jury in my own private trial of the case, I was open to hearing Brando Murphy’s version of events. Of course with Eddie Murphy being the star, media outlets would only report the story from his side without giving Brando a real shot at defending himself.

Well, Brando Murphy isn’t one to wait for an opportunity. He reached out to The Urban Daily in an effort to share his side of the story. Brando Murphy gave one of the most passionate interviews we’ve conducted in a long while. Judge for yourself if Brando Murphy is a comic just trying to get famous by using a legendary comedian’s name or is he just misunderstood.

TUD: Let’s start from the beginning. What is your legal name?

BM: My government name is Brando Murphy.

According to some reports, you changed your name. So what is your given name?

I was born Brandon Roberts.

How did this whole beef with Eddie Murphy start in the first place?

Well, all I know is I was just killing the stages in the comedy world and we got ready to do a show called “The Sons of Comedy” and I guess as I was in the comedy scene, doing my thing, making a little noise, word got back to Eddie. I don’t know what got back to him, but we got ready to do “Sons of Comedy” and next thing you know I’m getting these harassing letters from Eddie telling me to cease and desist right before the show.

Do you see why he believes you were trying to capitalize off his name if you’re on the “Sons of Comedy” tour and you’re not his son?

“Sons of Comedy” is a brand name just like “The Kings of Comedy” was. Can we say that the kings of comedy, who were on there–Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac and Cedric the Entertainer–can we really say they were kings of comedy? No! It was a great name that sold. That’s just like the “Sons of Comedy.” There were other people who weren’t sons. There was a flyer that went out that had me and Mason Pryor on it. It said, “Brando Murphy & Mason Pryor.” In captions, it said “Richard Pryor’s son.”

Now, “Sons of Comedy” is a name. I’m not an actual son of comedy like Mason Pryor. But I am a son of comedy because comedy birthed me. So you’re telling me I can’t be on a show called “Sons of Comedy” because Eddie Murphy has a last name saying Murphy?! That’s ridiculous!

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