Where did he get the idea that you were claiming to be his son in the first place?

People were assuming I was his son. I guess it’s because I look like him and because I changed my last name to Murphy.

Why did you change your name to Murphy?

Because in Hollywood, it’s customary for entertainers to come here with names that don’t really sound good in Hollywood and they change them. I can give you a list of people who changed their names. Jamie Foxx changed his name from Eric Bishop to Jamie Foxx after the late great Redd Foxx. Nobody said anything to Jamie. Nobody said anything to a whole list of entertainers who changed their names. It’s business!

So you feel singled out by Eddie Murphy, considering your last statement?

Of course I feel singled out! Nobody else has had to go through what I have to go through over a name. You know the problem is? It’s not the fact that I have a name, it’s that my talent is at the level that it is. Eddie feels threatened.

Why do you say Eddie Murphy is threatened by your talent when you two haven’t achieved the same things?

We haven’t achieved the same things, but it’s just like the next generation like when Ali came up with Sonny Liston. Sonny Liston was already the champion. Ali didn’t achieve what Liston achieved, but he challenged the throne. And what happened? He became Ali! Ali didn’t start off as the champion, but he kept beating the people on the throne. Just like Eddie Murphy did when Richard Pryor was on. When he showed up, Richard Pryor ain’t wanna see him because Eddie was the next man up. You can’t hold him down forever.

The problem is there are a lot of comedians out here like Kevin Hart and other comedians who kiss ass to Eddie Murphy. It’s not about kissing ass. I respect the man for what he has done. But at the same time, I want to grab the throne. I want the championship belt. And if nobody is going to challenge him for it, I’m gonna do it. And I’m wrong for that? Get outta here!

I’m tired of all of these old entertainers holding on to something and ain’t no new introductions made until “it’s their time to go.” Entertainment is at a state where it’s weak. We got the same stuff and the same people in every damn film. How is it believable to have Morgan Freeman running around with a machine gun?! He is 93 years old! He can’t even shoot a whole film! I don’t know how he keeps coming up in these films. It’s not believable. You got Adam Sandler in “Grown Ups.” You got these 50-year-old guys running around with no shirts on. Don’t nobody wanna see that flabby ass stomach. You wanna see somebody sexy like me! Where is the young talent, they trying to block them out. But I’m going for what I want and I want the title.

So because of that you’re suing Eddie Murphy for $50 million?

I’m not suing him for fifty million. There’s a whole lot of other people who are in the lawsuit that don’t seem to be reported on. I’m suing The National Enquirer, Eddie Murphy, Wendy Williams, The Wendy Williams Show, Lavely & Singer Law Firm (Eddie Murphy’s legal team) and a guy by the name of Barry Katz. (Hollywood producer and manager)

You say people in Eddie’s camp have threatened to have you killed. Is that because of the name or because you refuse to give in to their demands?

I’m sure there are a bunch of reasons why. I don’t really want to go into it because it’s stated in the complaint which is public information. So everything that I said they did to me is in the complaint. And I don’t really wanna go through this right now because it’s all public information. There’s fifty-two pages of the complaint.

If you don’t want any problems with Eddie Murphy or anybody else, why did you start talking about Charlie Murphy? You called him a gorilla.

First of all, I was asked about Charlie Murphy being my uncle. I’m a comedian. So my response was in a comedic way. I did call Charlie Murphy a gorilla because he is. If you hold up a picture of a gorilla and Charlie Murphy, you will see a resemblance. That’s why I said what I said, but word got back to me that Charlie Murphy said if he sees me onstage, he’s gonna whoop my ass for using the Murphy name. So once I hear something like that, I’m in attack mode. There’s nothing wrong with what I said.

The problem in Hollywood is people are too scared to talk about other people. They got people scared like, “If you talk about me, you gonna get black listed.” Back in the day, when these guys were coming up, they were talking about everybody. What happened to that? See, I’m not scared. I’m not a comedian running around scared. A lot of other guys are because they ain’t doing what I’m doing. Then you have comedians mad at me because they’re not getting the attention I am. I don’t operate out of fear. I can’t operate out of fear otherwise I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing.

I’m not suing Eddie Murphy just to be in the papers. I’m suing them because I was done wrong and there was a lot that has been going on behind the scenes for the last three and a half years. What goes on in the dark shall come to light. They’re not gonna stop me from living my dreams.

Is this lawsuit really about the money or just the fact you feel they are trying to stop you from living out your dream?

It’s not about the money! At the same time, it’s the general principle. You guys have damaged my reputation. The damage has been done and I didn’t just choose fifty million. There’s a reason why that number’s there. The lawyers know why that’s there. That’s standard. It’s not about the money.

Nobody is gonna stop my dream. I’m gonna fight for it because I’m sure there are plenty other people who nobody knows about who got bullied behind the scenes. They accepted it. I’m not going to accept it. You got all of this bullying going on in the world and I’m not gonna go for it. I’ve been bullied before back in elementary and middle school. I ain’t gonna be bullied no more. I’m not a bitch! I’m a grown man and I’ll fight anybody in whatever capacity.

How is Wendy Williams involved? 

She was going around saying false information. Wendy Williams should’ve known that the information that The National Enquirer reported was false. Come on now, how you gonna quote The National Enquirer?!

What is it that you want people to know about Brando Murphy that’s not being reported?

All I am is a guy from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who wants to pursue his dreams. That’s it! All I wanna do is do what I’m good at. They’re stopping me and trying to hinder me because they know I’m good. They know I’m good! And the world needs what I have to give and that’s nothing but light and entertainment. Humanity needs that!

Some people might hear this conversation and write you off because they think you have a chip on your shoulder. Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

I have to have a chip on my shoulder. Put yourself in my shoes. You got people attacking me from all angles, big powerful people. If I didn’t have a chip on my shoulder, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing. I wouldn’t be able to fight. Ali had a chip on his shoulder. Floyd Mayweather has a chip on his shoulder. Eddie Murphy has a chip on his shoulder. The list goes on and on. Justin Bieber got a chip on his shoulder. I feel bad for the people who don’t have a chip on their shoulder. So what you just gonna let people run all over you?! PLEASE! I have to be a certain way because Hollywood is a beast. Entertainment is a beast. This not what people think. This is not no easy job! You have to deal with issues like this. I’m fighting for my livelihood.

Have you ever had movie deals and projects clearly booked and people tell you they wanna put you in other movies and that you’re this breakout star only for it to be smacked out of your mouth because of what may be going on with Eddie Murphy? Have you ever had that happen to you?

Yes, I have. It hasn’t happened to me in the film world, but in journalism, it happens all the time.

Okay, but that’s in journalism. We’re talking about entertainment. Not everybody can do this. I’m not saying everybody can do journalism, but you don’t know how it feels to be attacked and to have your name and reputation be screwed.

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