When it comes to other people’s relationships, it’s best to just be a spectator because you never want to involve yourself in someone else’s matters of the heart. Model/actress Eva Marcille and her boyfriend/baby daddy Kevin McCall are a prime example. The couple was just seen on Instagram posing as one big happy family with their newborn daughter. This comes just a week after Eva filed a restraining order against Kevin for being violent during an argument.

According to reports, Marcille got a restraining order against McCall on March 28th. The actress alleged her singer/songwriter boyfriend exploded with anger during an argument. McCall is said to have chased Marcille around their home trying to snatch their two-month-old daughter Marley Rae from her arms. Eva Marcille also said Kevin McCall kicked down four different doors in their home and threatened to punch her.


Things must have greatly improved in the course of a week because on April 4th, Marcille posted a photo of Kevin McCall and herself holding their daughter. The caption that accompanied it was what really got people scratching their heads about their relationship status. The caption under the photo read, “#familyfirst.”

Since the restraining order did go into effect, McCall is required to stay at least 100 yards away from Eva Marcille. We have a sneaking suspicion those two are going to break this restraining order. I mean they do live together.



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