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Khloe Kardashian is defending her recent comments that Ciara and Russell Wilson's vow of celibacy is nothing more than a publicity stunt.


Ladies, this might be your one and only shot - Chris Brown is ready to settle down again.


Seems like Blac Chyna and Future are going to put their names in the ring for best couple in hip-hop.

With the summer winding down, old flames and promising prospects are anxiously awaiting the start of cuffing season. For those hoping to find romance this fall, there are several rules you should follow before haplessly jumping into a relationship. The cast of The Perfect Guy —Michael Ealy, Sanaa Lathan, and Morris Chestnut— do an awesome job […]

When news broke that Lifetime was going to make a biopic about the life of late R&B singer Aaliyah, we all knew immediately that her family wouldn’t be too pleased. As expected, the Haughton family vowed to shut down production on the biopic. Many believed it was because Lifetime didn’t contact them for their input […]

Singer Robin Thicke knows he messed up pretty bad with his wife actress Paula Patton. After bering married for nine years, Patton left the playboy singer and he is desperately trying to win her love back. Thicke is so hell bent on getting his girl back that he penned a whole album about her. On […]

The death of Maya Angelou sent the world reeling. Many are still trying to process the passing of such an iconic global figure. While everyone knows how Maya Angelou affected the world through her writing and speaking engagements, many don’t know how she’s affected the Hi-Hop community simply by being someone they could talk to. […]

While rapper/actor 50 Cent has been out promoting his upcoming album “Animal Ambition,” he was constantly being asked about his relationship with his teenaged son Marquis. Marquis recently revealed his father didn’t even show up to his high school graduation. 50 responded by blaming Marquis’ mother Shaniqua Tompkins for leveraging Marquis to get more money […]

Rappers’ lives being played out in the media is nothing new. However, dragging the children into then actual mudslinging is becoming part of the trend. Fans have long known Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson hasn’t had the greatest relationship with his oldest son Marquis. Marquis recently aired his father out on social media saying 50 didn’t […]

Singer-songwriter Robin Thicke hasn’t been the same since his wife actress Paula Patton walked out on him earlier this year. Many suspect her departure had to do with his roaming eye and the many photos of him groping women not name Paula Patton. Despite his actions, Thicke hasn’t stopped trying to win his teenage sweetheart […]