Singer Robin Thicke knows he messed up pretty bad with his wife actress Paula Patton. After bering married for nine years, Patton left the playboy singer and he is desperately trying to win her love back. Thicke is so hell bent on getting his girl back that he penned a whole album about her.

On the first single from “Paula,” Robin Thicke released a ballad called “Get Her Back.” It’s about winning his lover back after things begin to go wrong in the relationship. The newly-released video matches the somber mood of the record. In the clip, we find a shirtless Robin Thicke looking pensive and sad, while text messages between him and his lady pop up on screen.

Some of the text messages from the woman tell Robin about himself. One message reads, “You’re too drunk.” Another message tells Robin that she told him he was going to push her too far. While we don’t know for sure if these are actuals text messages between Paula Patton and Robin Thicke, it’s safe to assume these issues may have had something to do with their separation. By the end of the clip, Robin texts his girl back to tell her this is only the beginning.

If this is only the beginning of Robin Thicke begging through so g to get Paula Patton back, he’s going to need to get Keith Sweat on the remix because Thicke needs to learn how to beg and persuade from the master.



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