Wait…what?! According to TMZ, a Long Island, NY man is suing a nursing home on behalf of his 85-year-old mother … claiming she was swindled out of money and humiliated when the home shipped in male strippers.

Allegedly, Franklin Youngblood claims he found the photo of his mom Bernice at the East Neck Nursing Center. He says when he confronted the nurses, they stonewalled him and even tried to snatch the pic away.

TMZ is reporting that Youngblood says he learned the strippers were hired as part of an “entertainment event” planned by the facility and that it wasn’t just a one-time thing.

Youngblood’s mother suffers from Alzheimer’s, advanced dementia and is confined to a wheelchair, which made her unable to fend off the stripper.  He also claims the dollar bills were taken from her personal account.

However, it’s also being reported that the nursing home holds resident council meetings and one of the women (who has since passed away) pushed through a proposal to bring a male stripper to the home for an entertainment day after the men at the facility reportedly took a little trip to Hooters to get some wings! So the women felt a way and wanted some of the same…beefcake that is…not wings!

And that’s why a male stripper showed up at the facility and allegedly wooed the 85-year-old Bernice out of a couple of dollar bills.   

But, others have contacted TMZ and insisted that people with Alzheimer’s and dementia still have sexual urges and feel pleasure from such human interaction. Uncomfortable as that may be to discuss…we guess we get it.

So maybe…just maybe ….Youngblood’s mother was a grown woman enjoying herself with her friends for a moment…and wanted to give the guy a few dollars. We don’t know…and to be honest the thought of our gramma’s sticking some dollars in the draws of a stripper doesn’t exactly fill us with delight either….but we can totally imagine Betty White doing such a thing! So how do we know our own big mama’s wouldn’t want to as well. It sounds wild and probably embarrassing…more so for US than it would be for them.



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