Where is Chrissy Lampkin from? Chrissy Lampkin is from the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, where she was born to African American and Cuban parents, according to her official Vh1 biography. The multi-talented clothing designer, interior decorator, and reality TV star first found fame in 2011, when she appeared on the hit series “Love & Hip Hop.” She remained on the show for two years, and in 2011, many of her cast mates were on hand when she became engaged to rapper Jim Jones, who also counts Harlem as his hometown. Lampkin and Jones eventually landed their own spinoff, “Chrissy & Mr. Jones,” which follows the couple’s ups and downs.

Chrissy Lampkin’s Harlem roots have never been a secret, and anyone familiar with her fiance, Jim Jones, certainly know that he and his Dipset crew hold it down for NYC. As a child growing up in Harlem, Lampkin was “bright and independent,’ according to Celebrity Net Worth, and even though she had a rough upbringing and was sent to live with her grandmother, she persevered and eventually caught the eye of Jones. She began designing clothes for the MC, and she later revamped his studio, which set her down the path toward interior design. That, of course, laid the groundwork for her appearance on “Love & Hip Hop,” which eventually landed her and Jones on their very own Vh1 show.

You might answer that question of where Chrissy Lampkin is from by saying something along the lines of “a place where people don’t suffer fools.” That might explain why Lampkin was arrested in December 2013 for getting into a bar fight in New Jersey, as TMZ reports. Luckily, Jim Jones was there to bail her out. Sadly, there were no Vh1 cameras along for the ride, so the incident won’t play out on “Chrissy & Mr. Jones.”

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