How much is Chrissy Lampkin worth? Chrissy Lampkin is worth $200,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth,though the website estimates her fortune as slightly higher, at $450,000. Whichever number is correct, Lampkin earned her dough by working as a designer and interior decorator, as well as by appearing on the Vh1 series “Love & Hip Hop.” […]

Where is Chrissy Lampkin from? Chrissy Lampkin is from the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, where she was born to African American and Cuban parents, according to her official Vh1 biography. The multi-talented clothing designer, interior decorator, and reality TV star first found fame in 2011, when she appeared on the hit series “Love & […]

In case you thought the time former  “Love and Hip Hop” star Chrissy Lampkin went all Xena Warrior Princess on Juelz Santana’s girlfriend Kimbella was a fluke, think again. Lampkin was just arrested in New Jersey for allegedly going upside another woman’s head in a New Jersey bar. According to Edgewater Police, Lampkin was arrested […]

When it comes to unorthodox couples, Jim Jones and his woman Chrissy Lampkin are the leaders of the pack. She proposed to him and he responded with an “I’m wit you.” He then proposed to her by saying, “So you gon marry a n*gga?” So it should come as no surprise that while there still […]

Since deciding not to return to the VH1 hit reality series “Love & Hip-Hop”, Jim Jones and his fiancee Chrissy Lampkin have started filming their own spinoff show. “Chrissy & Mr. Jones” follows the couple as they try to maintain a strong relationship while continuing to be apart of the music industry. Not much has […]

In Hip-Hop, loving one woman and being dedicated to her is bypassed in favor of blowing money fast with any fine woman who looks seductively in your direction. Things are starting to change for the better. Rappers’ significant others are becoming the inspiration for some of their most personal songs. If you want to give […]

“Love & Hip Hop” wont be the same without Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin but fans can still get their dose of the reality couple…

Chrissy Lampkin, Kimbella, Emily B, Olivia and Somaya Reece won’t be on this coming season of “Love & Hip Hop.” Your screen will be filled with new faces: Rasheeda, Joseline, Karlie Redd, Erica Dixon, Mimi Faust and K Michelle. Despite the new cast, the show will still deliver great dramatics and that Hip Hop flavor […]

Have no fear Love & Hip-Hop fans, the reality show will be back next season despite Chrissy Lampkin and Emily Bustamante leaving the show. Like on Facebook to stay updated with the latest entertainment news and original interviews! There has been some speculation Love & Hip-Hop wouldn’t return to the air because Chrissy and […]

“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada has tweeted some risky things about threesomes in the past, but this photo shoot may be the closest we’ll ever get to seeing it! During a shoot for a popular men’s magazine Ochocinco’s betrothed had frisky fun with “Love & Hip-Hop’s” Chrissy Lampkin, and “RHOA’s” Kandi Burruss. Now this is […]

We all saw this coming. Jim, Chrissy, and Mama Jones have all walked away from the hit VH1 reality show. Mama Jones gave an interview with a radio station where she talked about her upcoming projects. The other of Dipset Capo Jim Jones is working on a chap stick line, continuing work on her Psychotic […]

By the end of the second season of Love & Hip Hop, it was clear that Chrissy Lampkin was fed up with a lot of what took place during the program. Many wondered if she would return to the show at all after the beef that went down between her and Jim Jones’ former manager […]