The season three trailer for “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” is out and boy, do we have questions! LHHATL is the most ratchet out of all the reality shows, and this season looks like there won’t be any shortage of the ratchetivity.

But here’s what, with all of the commotion going on in that four minute and 37 second trailer, we need to be clued in on a few things.

1. What music videos are they filming in Stevie J and Joseline’s mansion?

Their mansion looks like every mansion that was used in hip hop and R&B videos from 1996-2007. (RIP music videos, by the way.) (Subquestion: Where is their furniture?)

Okay, it’s cool to move on up like the Jeffersons, but where did this house come from? I know Atlanta has mansions for, like, $200,000 and all, but wasn’t Stevie J just involved in a child support case? Where did he get this money from?

2. So about this sex tape that “leaked” …

Last time I checked, when something gets leaked you don’t have meetings about it. Clearly this wasn’t a leak, and Mimi and her toothy boyfriend are ready to handle more fame and money than they already have. (Sidebar: Mimi, you have a million dollar business. Granted, you’re “the help” as Joseline likes to call you, but you don’t have to do this, boo.) And Mimi looked super excited about it, too, because she was sniggling and giggling with her girls about how she pretty much turns into Sasha Fierce when the “red light” comes on. Okay, Felicia, we believe you.

And did you not think about your daughter? Lawd, we KNOW Stevie J isn’t the best of men, but if the shoe was on the other foot, we’re sure you’d have the same reaction as him.

3. Yung Joc?

Karlie Redd…

Ma’am (because I respect my elders), this is who you’ve chosen to keep you relevant? The same dude who rapped “It’s Goin’ Down” so much, that his career never came back up for air? And you’re getting upset when this rapper is smashing other girls? Don’t you know that when dudes don’t have jobs, they have so much time on their hands they use that to smash other girls? Good day, madam!

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