It’s been more than five years since Chris Brown threw his career into disarray by assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna. Since then, the R&B bad boy has had a difficult time staying out of trouble–whether it be in rehab or a nightclub. Since Brown refuses to stop giving snarky writers material for their creative works, the hit animated series “The Boondocks” decided it was time to hold a satirical mirror up to the celebrity and show him just how ridiculous many people think he is.

After the episode aired, one of the main questions The Urban Daily was how did Chris Brown take it when he saw it. We caught up with Brown, who conducted the interview via collect call from a D.C. prison, to get his take on the latest episode of “The Boondocks.” Breezy didn’t didn’t go into too much detail about his feelings about the “Boondocks” spoof, but check out what he did say below.


How did you feel when they said you would make a song like “I’ll F**k Your Wife”?


Naturally, the writers of “The Boondocks” brought up the fact you assaulted Rihanna. What was your first thought when you heard about it?


In the episode, the character based on you says that women don’t respect themselves. Do you actually believe that?

The character spoofing you also says that his audience is women and women hate to be bored. Is that why you continue to get into trouble with the law?

Your character says that he stays in trouble so that he can remain relevant to his music fans when he has no music to promote. Is this true for you?

One of the more positive moments of the episode is when the women said you have nice abs. When you heard the women on the show praising your six pack, what did you do?

It was a quick moment, but the writers of the episode also had your character say that he had been beaten up by Nicki Minaj. Can Nicki actually fight?

Finally, some fans thought the episode was corny and others thought it was hilarious. What is your final take on it?


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