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J.Cole’s Dreamville label has been seeing one success after another since he released his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album at the end of last year, and next up on the roster is Chi-town signee Omen. In preparation for Omen’s debut album Elephant Eyes, which has been in the works for some time now, the Dreamville […]

It’s been more than five years since Chris Brown threw his career into disarray by assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna. Since then, the R&B bad boy has had a difficult time staying out of trouble–whether it be in rehab or a nightclub. Since Brown refuses to stop giving snarky writers material for their creative works, […]

You knew it was coming. The first professional spoof of Beyonce‘s latest hit single “Drunk In Love” has hit the internet. Rechristened “Drunk As F**k,” the spoof comes from actor/comedian Marlon Wayans‘ website   In the video, a woman playing a entirely too intoxicated Queen Bey is drinking, stumbling, and dancing all over the […]


Anyone paying attention to the Nelson Mandela memorial service which was attended by pretty much every one of the most important world leaders knows that there was a sign language interpreter who was doing a whole lot while on the stage. That gentlemen was later found to be a fraud! SNL took aim at both […]

If you haven’t learned anything about Kanye West from his steady stream of ridiculous rants, you better know not to talk bad about his fiancee Kim Kardashian. The creators of “South Park” give no f**ks about what Kanye West wants so they wrote a whole episode talking about how unattractive Kim Kardashian is. And just […]

Everybody watch out! Kanye West might go on another epic Twitter rant. Why? Actors Seth Rogen and James Franco have spoofed the Louis Vuitton Don’s latest video for the track “Bound 2.” You know how Kanye got when Jimmy Kimmel spoofed an interview Kanye did with Zane Lowe. The hilarious pair recreated KimYe’s motorcycle lovefest […]


In SNL’s opening sketch Saturday they cracked jokes on George Zimmerman for getting arrested yet again for gun related offenses. They also spoofed the woman who is alleged to be Zimmerman’s estranged girlfriend that he reportedly pointed a double barreled shot gun at recently. In the sketch a Florida sheriff tells the people watching at […]


Last night SNL brought in Kerry Washington to save them from themselves and from the comments Keenan Thompson made previously about black women comedians not being ready to be on SNL. While the reviews are mixed as to the show itself everyone pretty much agreed that the spoof on “What Does The Fox Say” was good. […]

  It was the rap feud that nobody saw coming, but nobody could turn away from. Comedian and late night host Jimmy Kimmel ignited a beef with the self-proclaimed biggest rockstar on the planet Kanye West when he had two children spoof West’s interview with Zane Lowe. As you would expect, Kanye reacted in the […]

  Jimmy Kimmel is the man! Immediately after  Kanye West gave an epicly bizarre interview with BBC1 Radio, Jimmy Kimmel decided he was going to spoof the interview with children. The kid playing Kanye is awesome. He says everything the self-proclaimed #1 Rockstar on the Planet says in the wild interview and does it all […]


“Scandal” is TV’s hottest property and all eyes are on lead actress Kerry Washington.  Thursday nights, over  8 million viewers tune in for their weekly fix of sex, intrigue and political hijinks on this too hot for prime time sudser. READ:  Who’s The Baddest Gladiator: Olivia Pope or “Archer’s” Lana Kane? [OPINION} Olivia Pope is […]

This is so wrong but so funny. Are you wondering exactly what happened during that Chris Brown/Rihanna reconciliation at her birthday party?  Well speculate no more. The folks at  Kartoon Management have put together this animated reenactment that has a punchline you won’t wanna miss. See what I did there? RELATED POSTS: Rihanna Believes Chris […]