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Okay let’s start this off by saying not a single one of us here can sing like Mariah Carey…not driving down the street with the windows rolled up, not in the shower…not even in the comfort of our own imaginations!

However, our friends over at Eben Gregory pointed something out about a recent Carey performance that made us wonder what happened? It seems here we are again faced with what appears to be the smoke and mirrors of TV as it pertains to a Mariah Carey live performance and we have to ask what you think!

In a recent appearance on The Today Show…Mariah gave an awesome sauce performance to the crowd. She sang “Always Be My Baby” and the crowd was delighted. But…there were two different versions of how that song went. In the first version that Today aired she got through it pretty well. Check it out in the video below!



But…in the version that an excited fan was recording, well let’s just say things didn’t quite go the same way! Start watching at around the 2:25 mark of the video!



See! When she pulled the mic back and got to singing for her life….there was NO SOUND! Oops! We sort of wonder if maybe one of the versions was a sound check? But that might just be wishful thinking.

And to reiterate we all know Mariah Carey can sing her face off!

We also think she looked not quite herself in the video. Everyone is suffering from seasonal allergies, sinus infections and there is a nasty cold going around that has knocked a lot of people on their behinds in the last few weeks. So, it’s completely possible that any of these reasons could be why she didn’t seem to be our usual bubbly Mariah.

But we will say this…it’s not the first time she’s been busted this way so it’s got tongues wagging about what’s really going on with her. Stop giving people stuff to speak about Mrs. Cannon! If you aren’t feeling up to the task…don’t do it! Your voice is a national treasure so we want you to protect it! Because there are many things we’d like to be able to say we conquered in this life…but singing better than you is definitely not one them!



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