The most famous kid of the boxing champ finally broke her silence during her appearance on The TODAY Show on Monday.

The "Yoga" singer's speech regarding police brutality was cut short just as she was about to touch on the Black Lives Matter movement

In a 10-minute-long Today Show interview Tuesday morning, the former president of the Spokane, Wash. chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored…

Rachel Zoledal, the former Spokane NAACP president who stepped down yesterday after being outed as white, sat down with Matt Lauer on the Today show and said plainly that she identifies as a black woman. When Zoledal was asked if she was an African-American woman, she replied, “I identify as black.” “It’s a little more complex […]

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That was quick! After stepping down as president from the Spokane NAACP chapter, Rachel Zoledal will appear on NBC’s Today Show tomorrow (June 16) to give her side of the story of pretending to be black for years. The news show made the announcement via its Twitter account. Zoledal made waves after her parents outed her for […]

Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens running back, appeared on the “Today” show to talk about life after the entire world saw him knock out and drag his then-fiancee, Janay Rice, from an Atlantic City casino elevator in February. Since then, Rice was— terminated and now reinstated — by the NFL. MUST SEE: Janay Rice: ‘I Feel Like God Chose Me […]

Janay Rice, wife of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, made an appearance on the “Today” show to talk about what went down in that Atlantic City casino elevator back in February. She believes that the incident happened for a reason—specifically due to God—so she and her husband can bring awareness to domestic violence. MUST […]

Ray and Janay Rice are welcoming cameras into their home for the first time since their domestic violence scandal went public. Janay got fancy for…

Okay let’s start this off by saying not a single one of us here can sing like Mariah Carey…not driving down the street with the windows rolled up, not in the shower…not even in the comfort of our own imaginations! However, our friends over at Eben Gregory pointed something out about a recent Carey performance […]


  As we previously reported, Paula Deen took to the “Today Show” to beg for forgiveness yesterday morning. However, at the end of her statement she used a phrase that is now swirling around the itnernets at warp speed. Why? Well because part of a phrase that she used hails from an old racist joke! […]

When R&B star Chris Brown performs on The Today Show tomorrow, Matt Lauer may have to watch out. When introducing guest Chris Rock on the show, Matt Lauer made an off hand comment about how beautiful the weather was and hoped that the weather stayed like this when Brown hit the stage tomorrow. Chris Rock […]