Ray Rice, former Baltimore Ravens running back, appeared on the “Today” show to talk about life after the entire world saw him knock out and drag his then-fiancee, Janay Rice, from an Atlantic City casino elevator in February. Since then, Rice was— terminated and now reinstated — by the NFL.

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In the interview with Matt Lauer, Rice stood next to his wife and her parents, Candy and Joe Palmer, in the kitchen of their home. While Rice talks about how much counseling “ripped me apart and built me back together,” and that he just wants his family’s life back, the Palmer crew shifts uncomfortably as they stand by his side. Only Candy looks him in his eyes occasionally while he speaks. His wife keeps her arm folded across her body, while Joe looks mostly straight ahead or at the ceiling.

Lauer asks Rice what would happen if he never played football again. “I’d be honest with you” says Rice. “I would adapt to the life and sacrifice more so that [Janay] could have a better future.” Candy immediately looks away and down at the lofty statement. While most fathers probably wouldn’t, Joe kept a solid front, and says that their family “knows the truth” and that “everything is fine.”

Watch the interview below.


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