Popular actor Terrence Howard is on a slippery slope towards legal trouble. His ex-wife Michelle Howard has gone to court to get a judge to force the actor to pay her the spousal support she was awarded during their divorce settlement. Not only is his ex-wife tired of his mess, but so are his own attorneys. They are asking g to be taken off his case.

Michelle Howard recently filed legal documents claiming Terrence Howard owes her about $325,000 in spousal support. Howard is accused of having missed 49 spousal support payments which is almost all of them since the couple’s divorce was finalized in 2012. While that number is a large one, that’s not all. The Oscar nominated actor also was ordered to pay Michelle Howard’s attorney’s fees which amount to $106,000.


As Terrence Howard is dealing with his ex-wife’s demands, his own lawyers are tired of dealing with him as well. His legal team has asked the judge to relieve them of their duties on his case because there has been a “total and complete breakdown in communication.”

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