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There’s already enough drama brewing on this season of Empire to last a lifetime, but a new rumor is claiming that the bad blood between Cookie and Luscious may have made it’s way off off camera. Academy Award-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson has worked with her Empire co-star Terrence Howard multiple times over the last decade […]

In news that shocks no one, the Empire season two premiere ratings were through the roof, just like its plot line. The FOX smash reached 16 million…

Terrence Howard is a compelling figure. His body of work, including his role as Lucious Lyon on Fox’s hit show Empire, is just as extensive as the details of his perplexing life. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the actor opened up about how he’s perceived in the industry. Suddenly, it all makes sense why […]

The Screen

Terrence Howard‘s Lucious Lyon isn’t the most popular character on Empire. Taraji P. Henson‘s Cookie is. But Lucious is one of the show’s central figures, so his reduced role this season after being sent to prison will be felt. However, the reason for his reduced role might not be just a plot device. The auspicious first season of Empire revived Howard’s […]

50 Cent is nowhere near done with his one-man vendetta against Empire, and now he’s picking one against the BET Awards, which just aired last Sunday (June 28). 50 is crying foul for the network picking Terrence Howard as best actor over Power‘s Omari Hardwick. “It’s a damn shame what happened to the BET Awards. Fox bought the whole g-ddamned […]

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  In Madonna’s new video, “Ghosttown,” the Material Girl enlists the help of Empire star Terrence Howard to take the gritty, post-apocalyptic clip to the next level. The chemistry between the two is so undeniable, one can’t help but wonder whether the video is a not too subtle hint that the pop icon, whose latest […]

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We knew that the two-hour Empire season closer would bring even more scandal, back-stabbing, semi-public sex, and double crosses than the season’s weekly episodes, and the finale did not disappoint. With Mario Van Peebles at the helm of the first hour and Debbie Allen holding down the second, there was no shortage of gasps and […]

The season finale of Fox’s record-shattering music biz drama Empire is fast approaching, and casual viewers and celebrities alike are wilding out over the exploits and machinations of the Lyon family. The main draw of the show for so many has proven to be the great characterization of the Lyon family and their amorphous dysfunctional nature. And […]

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    Cookie questioned whether Andre’s bipolar diagnosis was something Rhonda had cooked up, saying that it was a “white people problem.” Rhonda revealed to her that Andre had his first psychotic break junior year in college, when he showed up at Lucious’ house after going on a massive shopping spree. Malcolm confessed that he […]

Empire really does just keep winning. Mary J. Blige and Terrence Howard will perform “Shake Down” on tonight’s episode, a track that premiered on ETonline earlier today. MJB and Howard go back-and-forth crooning about love, relationships and everything in-between, over the piano-ridden beat. According to the site, Blige plays a character named Angie, someone from Lucious’ past who finds […]

We love to hate Grace Gealey as Anika on FOX’s hit hip-hop drama, Empire. She’s a devilish debutante who always seems to get what she wants, and won’t stop until everyone is out of her way. But what do we know about the actress who plays Boo Boo Kitty? Here are 5 things you need to know […]