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Wow. Some things you just don’t want to believe, but when you it’s right in front of your eyes, it’s hard not to. The woman, pictured above, went on a tirade calling a black man the N-word for the most absurd reason. (It’s never okay to call someone the N-word, but this was just beyond ridiculous.)

Janelle Ambrosia, whose tweets were originally found by Complex, lashed out at a man for “scaring” her children when he started his car at a Cheektowaga, New York Dollar General and proceeded to call him a ni–er.

In the video, she called her husband to come handle the situation for her, and shouts while the man sits in the car and records the whole situation. She even threatens to throw her coffee on him. Oh, and her kids didn’t look scared at all. Watch the NSFW video below. (Use headphones. Seriously!)

Racists are everywhere, so I’m not surprised about that. I am surprised, however, that she continued her antics knowing that the camera was recording.


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