Brooklyn rapper Vonna Jewelz is one of the fresh voices coming into the game that Hip-Hop has been looking for in a female rapper. And while Vonna might be a new to Hip-Hop fans, she has always dabbled in the arts. She’s been writing poetry and turning them into songs since she was young lass looking out of her NYC apartment window. Now that she’s a grown woman, Vonna Jewelz is leveraging her self-described street chic sound to gain massive popularity. “My sound is original yet familiar. It’s like street chic,” Vonna explains with a smile. “It’s very versatile. It gives you a variety of styles and emotions.”

Vonna Jewelz is a generally jovial individual, but after listening to just one of her records, you know she’s been through some things. Most of those trials and tribulations find their way into her rhymes and nothing is off-limits. “I just have to be real. When you’re writing, you just want to be open. So I’ve never said something was too personal to share in a song,” the NYC rapstress declares.



One of the issues Jewelz spits about is her journey to fame. She has been friends with rapper Babs Bunny since they were teens and even had a rap group together. While Babs saw some national recognition when she was picked by Diddy to join his group Da Band, Vonna Jewelz was proud of her rhyme partner but still trying to figure out how to make it on her own. Contrary to what many might expect, Vonna wasn’t angry at Babs for going for hers. “I think the day of the ‘Making the Band’ audition, I didn’t go because I didn’t have train fare,” she admits. “I wasn’t mad at Babs for trying out because it’s all about timing and it wasn’t my time.”

After working with and receiving praise from Hip-Hop super producer Timbaland, Vonna Jewelz’ time is just up ahead. She’s currently working on her upcoming EP “Having Fun and Boasting,” which according to the rapper is a great introduction to who Vonna Jewelz is and where she can go musically. It features a diverse collection of club bangers, records ready for the radio, and emotional records all told with a wicked style and raw honesty all of which can be heard on the first single from the EP “Flow Crazy.”

Many would expect a female rapper to want to be the sole female rapper running things in the industry, but Vonna is different. She believes there is room for more than one woman to run the world of Hip-Hop. “We have to support each other. Right now, it’s at a state where it’s open and there’s room for everybody,” she says. ” Female MCs just need to show up and do their music.” And with the creative and fighter spirit she possesses, Vonna Jewelz will never have a problem with showing up and showing out. You get ready.

Get more Vonna Jewelz on her social media. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the same handle @VonnaJewelz.

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