As an artist, no matter what genre of music you work in, you’re going to have to figure out where you fit into the established landscape. Some artists come into the game trying to copy a formula that made the last flavor of the month a global superstar for the time being. Others bum rush […]

When you’re a new artist coming into the vast and fickle musical landscape, it can be hard to figure out who you are and what you you have to offer the world that’s different from what they’ve already been hearing. That’s especially tough if you’re a man in the R&B game. If you’re not singing […]

When you’re a new artist, you attract new fans by having dope music and allowing fans to feel like said artist is relatable and accessible. Some new artists run form having to share their personal history with the world, that is the total opposite for New York singer-songwriter Levina Lye. The young twenty something uses […]

Hip-Hop has repeatedly proven that there is strength in numbers. The genre has a history of bringing together strong soloists for specific songs, or entire albums with great results, from Brand Nubian and Black Star  to Jay Z and Kanye’s The Throne.  While some unions can feel a little manufactured, in the best cases it’s a […]

Brooklyn rapper Vonna Jewelz is one of the fresh voices coming into the game that Hip-Hop has been looking for in a female rapper. And while Vonna might be a new to Hip-Hop fans, she has always dabbled in the arts. She’s been writing poetry and turning them into songs since she was young lass […]

Despite proving they have just as much talent, if not more than a lot of men in the Hip-Hop industry, it’s still a tough road for a woman who raps. Women have to be three times better than men in the game to get half of the respect. However, all of that is about to […]

“Cause it’s not spelled as in being stuck up. It’s “T-I-E,”  the rapper born LePreston Porter explains about the origins and meaning behind his childhood alias and current rap moniker, Snootie Wild. “It was my father’s name, so it was “Little Snootie” growing up. But then when my father passed they just took the “little” […]