When you’re a new artist, you attract new fans by having dope music and allowing fans to feel like said artist is relatable and accessible. Some new artists run form having to share their personal history with the world, that is the total opposite for New York singer-songwriter Levina Lye. The young twenty something uses her music to let fans into her world where nothing is too personal to put into song. Because of her belief that honesty is the best policy, Levina Lye is poised to win in the music game with her brand of melodic truth.

 “On a personal level, I put myself out there so much so that people can relate to me on an artistic level,” the Bronx native explains. While Lye is all about expressing herself without fear of outside opinions now, it wasn’t always like that. However, when the beauty turned 18, all of the worry about everyone else’s opinions started to matter less and less. “When I turned 18, I started to accept myself and stop looking for approval. Realized I couldn’t allow people to make me stray from who I am,” she offers.


 And know herself she does. All of that is evident on her latest project “Pieces of Me.” The seven track collection of pop-inspired R&B features the young singer going through everything we all go through. Levina can be heard not being able to get over the fact her lover has just up and left her on the pissed-off “Abandoned.”

But it’s not all heartbreak and sob stories on “Pieces of Me.” The EP, much like its creator, is a well-rounded piece of work where talent and experience meet to create music that transcends genre. And who can resist all of those qualities when they’re wrapped in a beautiful package such as Levina Lye.

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