When you’re a new artist coming into the vast and fickle musical landscape, it can be hard to figure out who you are and what you you have to offer the world that’s different from what they’ve already been hearing. That’s especially tough if you’re a man in the R&B game. If you’re not singing about stealing another man’s woman or doing something to a woman you’ve either only fantasized about or seen in an adult film, you’re considered to be an adult contemporary artist. Many artists bristle at the thought of being put into a box. Others see the label they’ve been given and try to smash their way out of the box said label has put them in. One of the artists that falls into the latter category is New Jersey soul man Bradd Marquis.

Although Bradd has been singing all of his life, he wasn’t trying to be a star in the beginning. He just wanted to keep his voice to himself. However, something in his spirit wouldn’t allow him to keep his rugged-yet-tender baritone under wraps for too long.

“I’ve been singing all of my life and one of the main points of me wanting to sing, besides me loving it, is to be a positive influence on young people,” Marquis says as he reflects on his journey to stardom. “I did a lot of work with social services and with young people that were locked up and having a hard time acclimating to life in general. I saw how they were raised by music and celebrities and I didn’t think what they were listening to and watching were good for them. So I figured I can do this.”


And do it he has. Bradd Marquis has made a name for himself as a showstopping performer by opening up for the likes of Tamia, Angela Winbush, India.Arie and Jaheim. Just like those aforementioned artists, he draws inspiration for his songs from his real life experiences. “Today’s music is over-ego or over-sex. There isn’t a conversation of what went wrong, why people do what they do in relationships. Where are the songs saying we’re all still learning?”

The life lessons Bradd Marquis has learned all show up on his latest album “Thank You.” The collection of songs range in subject matter from love and all of the many splintered emotions that come along with it to dealing wight the curveballs life throws at you. “Thank You” finds Bradd Marquis at his most confident, but he’s quick to tell you about the importance of not being arrogant. “Remain humble and don’t burn any bridges. Those two things have helped me a long way because people will help you out a lot more if they like you as opposed to you just having a great sound or great material,” Bradd relates.

With great music coupled with a humble spirit and positive energy, there’s no way he can lose.


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