When you’re a new artist coming into the vast and fickle musical landscape, it can be hard to figure out who you are and what you you have to offer the world that’s different from what they’ve already been hearing. That’s especially tough if you’re a man in the R&B game. If you’re not singing […]

Despite more artists blurring the lines between musical genres, we live in a world where labels are a necessity. Chicago-born singer/songwriter Jesse Boykins III doesn’t subscribe to those ideals. In fact he loathes labels and classifications of music and art in general. He continues to push his brand of R&B/soul into the next frontier by […]

Life is all about balance and how you manage to deal with the roadblocks set before you. Singer Noel Gourdin knows all too well about both of those things. Since breaking into the music scene with his 2008 hit “The River,” Gourdin has fought to get more attention for his brand of contemporary soul while […]

Hip-Hop is a genre built on sampling. However, most young fans of the music rarely know that a drum loop on a KRS-One song was originally heard on a James Brown record. Since the youth need to be educated sometimes, Eclectic Method put together a video that details some of the most famous samples in […]

When Raphael Saadiq calls an artist his protégé, people immediately pay attention. However, Republic Records/El Seven Recordings artist, Adrian Marcel is not simply resting on the backing of the musical genius. On his mixtape “7 Days Of Weak,” Marcel proves why he is an artist that needs to be heard. The 15-track mixtape features an […]

Many R&B purist have been wondering what happened to the soul music from the days of the past. While she was still here, Amy Winehouse filled that void of retro soul instrumentation paired with contemporary cutting lyricism. Now that Amy Winehouse is gone, it’s up to the the young artists influenced by her and the […]

Bilal’s new album “A Love Surreal” will be in stores February 26, 2013. In this intimate clip he talks about the evolution of his recording process and how he has altered his approach to making music. “I went into this album with the idea that I was only going to do an EP of five […]

It was a finger-numbing cold Monday in New York City. While everyone is sitting in front of their televisions watching the first black President be sworn into his second term of office, I was making my way to B.B. King’s Blues Club in Times Square hoping to get a few minutes to speak with the […]

Detroit duo Slum Village team up with legendary emcee crew De La Soul for “Turning Me Off,” a cautionary tale of living that Y.O.LO. life over some headphone-friendly slaps produced by Young JR. The song is the first single from Slum Village’s Mick Boogie-assisted mixtape, Dirty Slums coming out March 27th. http://emd.sharebeast.com/embed.php?type=slim&file=koprtou27jd0&enableDownload=true&title=SlumVillageFtDeLaSoul-TurningMeOff.mp3&dur=271.2&bg=F9F9F9&border=CCCCCC&color1=00A5DF Props to SoulCulture.UK. […]

Words By Eric K. Arnold With a mountain of hype surrounding his new album Black Radio–currently lodged at #1 jazz, #4 hip-hop/R&B on the Billboard charts—21st century jazzman Robert Glasper has been anointed as both the future and the savior of black music. Needless to say, expectations were sky-high going into his band The Robert […]

Picture this: You are a singer signed to label that houses artists likeBeyonceand John Legend. On your debut, they pair you with successful producers and musicians like Raphael Saadiq and Salaam Remi and you have a smash single, “The River.” Sound too good to be true? If you’re Noel Gourdin, it was. Although he has a […]