“Cause it’s not spelled as in being stuck up. It’s “T-I-E,”  the rapper born LePreston Porter explains about the origins and meaning behind his childhood alias and current rap moniker, Snootie Wild. “It was my father’s name, so it was “Little Snootie” growing up. But then when my father passed they just took the “little” off.”

Even though he may have inherited the first part of his unusual moniker, the Memphis,Tennessee native’s reputation on the block quickly earned the second half of his title. “I was really already known for wilding,” he laughingly admits. ”They really didn’t care if my first name was Snootie or whatever!”

Living that life definitely put his name out there. It wasn’t long before local law enforcement knew his name and the reputation behind it landing him in prison for a four-year stretch. While he managed to write over a thousand rhymes, he was isolated not only from his loved ones, but from Hip-Hop as well.

“We really didn’t have BET or Hip-Hop magazines unless we got it snuck in,” he explains. “And the radio station we had was just local. I jumped in the game really blindfolded.”


Snootie may have been blindfolded, but Memphis legend Yo Gotti most definitely wasn’t. After the self-released hit “Yayo” started making noise, Gotti wasted no time signing him to his CMG label and cosigning him in front of everyone by hopping on the remix and putting all eyes on Snootie so fast that he’s still getting used to it.

“Aww man, I wouldn’t say I was nervous… I was more paranoid,” he says of his first big show. “’Cause usually when people watching you in jail you try to be discreet so I’m used to moving on a low-key.”

The attention was so heavy to the practically newly released Snootie that his nerves pushed him to stage dive. Something he’s not sure he’s going to stop doing.

“It’s a work in progress you know? I guess as the brand gets bigger we’ll come up with ideas to keep me on the stage, probably a live band or something,” he says laughing at himself. “And I’ll probably still be known for jumping for the stage more than being on it.”

You can learn more about Snootie Wild and hear his music at his website

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