Popular actress Sanaa Lathan appreciates the love she receies from her fans. However, one fan took his love for the “Brown Sugar” star too far. A man who has been stalking the actress for some time was discovered sleeping inside of her laundry room.

Lathan recently obtained a restraining order against Shawn Caples. The 28-year-old man was found sleeping like a brick in Lathan’s laundry room by contractors. The contractors woke Caples up and forced him to leave the property. Caples was resistant because he was adamant that he and Lathan were married. Shawn Caples left the home, but  returned later that day. That’s when Sanaa Lathan screamed for him to “get the f**k out of here” before calling the cops because he refused to leave for a second time.


According to the court documents filed by the Hollywood bombshell’s legal team, Caples showed up again three days later. Instead of trying to get him to leave, Sanaa Lathan hid in her home paralyzed with fear.

Shawn Caples is now locked behind bars. When he is released, he will be court ordered to stay no less than 100 yards away from Sanaa Lathan.

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