One year after a crushing loss to the Miami Heat in the Finals, the San Antonio Spurs are back on top of the NBA again. The Spurs finished off the Heat on Sunday night winning the NBA Finals in five game. This is San Antonio’s fifth NBA title in 15 year since being taken over by Head Coach Gregg Popovich. Capping off Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich’s time together, who could retire before the start of next season.

Duncan, who is now 38 could call it quits before next season looked back at the victory by saying:

“We remember what happened last year and how it felt in that locker room and we used it and built on it and got back here and it’s amazing,” he said. “It makes last year OK.”

The series served as a passing of the torch for Duncan’s teammate Kawhi Leonard, who scored 22 points and 10 rebounds the victory game of the finals. His performance landed the young talent the MVP Award for series.

LeBron James showed some fire in the first quarter by dropping 17 points to give the Heat a fast start on Sunday, but the Heat couldn’t hold on to the great start and huge lead. He finished with 31 points and 10 rebounds. With the loss in another Finals against Tim Duncan there is no speculation if LeBron will opted in for next season with the Heat or will he return back to Cleveland. Before next season LeBron has some decisions to make, one thing is for sure is LeBron needs some help on the court as D. Wade, Chris Bosh and other role players disappeared. Chris Bosh finished with just 13 points and Dwyane Wade just made 4-of-12 shooting for the Heat not helping LeBron carry the load.

The Spurs will face the questions will the core of the team want to stay for another run with Duncan, Popovich and Ginobili. However you want to paint it at the moment, the Spurs are now the NBA Champs. Showing the NBA that you don’t need superstars to win championships but to play team basketball and on ball movement and three-pointers.

The NBA season is less than 24 hours over but the beating odds for next season is, The Miami Heat are once again the favorites to win it all, even with LeBron James future with the Heat is in doubt.

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