What…in…thee…name of Charles Manson is this foolishness about?! According to TMZ,  the Swedish black metal band Watain sprayed pig’s blood on concertgoers during their show in Brooklyn on Sunday night … and the crowd didn’t all take too kindly to the experience.  Some reportedly

Watain , whose members are devout devil worshipers, played their only U.S. summer gig Sunday night in Brooklyn … and they were true to form.

You see the lead singer present the audience with a goat skull full of animal blood … then drench the crowd.  According to interviews with the band, they use REAL pig’s blood.

You hear audience members shriek and TMZ reports that some were physically ill while others cried.



But here’s the kicker after all of that…. cops say no one complained nor did anyone file a complaint with the health dept!

Throwing pig’s blood on a crowd of concertgoers may be disgusting, vomit-inducing, unsanitary, gross, vile, and just plain revolting … but strangely enough, it’s not illegal.

What’s that noise you ask? Why that’s the sound of us giving up on humanity after hearing this story! Jeesh!




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