What’s going on y’all? I’m CamQuotes and I am the newest contributor to this fabulous brand called The Urban Daily! I want to give a quick shout to “The Powers The Be” for making this possible and I plan to make good on this great opportunity.

Mila J is hands down one of the coolest in regards to people that I have met in this industry. She’s fun, has a great sense of humor and is very talented. I’m happy to kick off my first post on TUD with her because we are both having breakout years for our brands.

We already know she’s Jhene Aiko’s sister, She was a dancer for B2K and She’s from California. So no need to speak on that anymore. Now, I did want to know what’s the craziest/thirsty comment left on her Instagram. I wanted to know what is one hit record that she wished was hers. One was pretty easy to answer. The other, she admitted I stumped her on the question. See the full Cool Conversation below!

Video contains mild language in a story format. Viewer Discretion is advised

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