Prince has proven throughout his career that he isn’t afraid to take risks and try new things. After all, we are talking about a man who used to wear a thong, trench coat and heels onstage with little else. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Prince is stepping out of his musical comfort zone and putting out a rap record. Here’s the kicker, he recorded the rap song with British sensation Rita Ora.

The Minnesota Star Tribune was invited by the Purple One to his Paisley Park studio complex to hear some new songs from his upcoming Warner Brothers Records release. Prince played the Ora-assisted rap track, but didn’t reveal the title. The newspaper described the song as “a rare rap song on which the music was as aggressive and menacing as the rapping.”


Prince also previewed a ballad called “This Could Be Us” which the legendary singer admitted the inspiration for the song came when he saw a #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin meme that featured a picture of Apollonia and him on the back of his motorcycle in “Purple Rain.”

The rap song featuring Rita Ora and “This Could Be Us” will be on his upcoming Warner Brothers album and he will also be releasing a 30th anniversary edition of “Purple Rain.”

Get ready! It’s about to be one purple summer!

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