Hear a small portion of the Kanye West featured “Can’t Stop” by Theophilus London off his new album “Vibes.” The project drops October 28, but you can pre-order here.

Prince has proven throughout his career that he isn’t afraid to take risks and try new things. After all, we are talking about a man who used to wear a thong, trench coat and heels onstage with little else. So it shouldn’t surprise you that Prince is stepping out of his musical comfort zone and […]

Tracy Marrow aka Ice -T is one of hip hop’s most famous renaissance men. Starting out as a street pimp, Ice has made his mark in a plethora of avenues in the entertainment industry. After a successful and controversial music career, Marrow took a stab at acting. He hasn’t looked back since. In an ironic […]

Jill Scott fans may not have to wait much longer for her next album. The three-time Grammy Award winning singer and actress has signed a deal with Warner Brothers Records.   Jill’s eagerly awaited fourth studio album, The Light Of The Sun will be released later this year. Jill Scott’s Sexiest Lyrics “I’ve always looked to […]