Before John Cena, there was another wrestler who made his mark along with his rhymes in the ring. He was straight out of Motown [Detroit, Michigan]. He was The Rapmaster P.N News in WCW.

Off top I thought News was Prince Markie Dee’s Brother. For the younger fans Prince Markie Dee was the “Light-skin Dude from The Fatboys”. [Dee is actually Hispanic but, that really wasn’t acknowledged in his career]. I thought P.N. News was Prince Markie Dee’s brother because he was fat, light-skin, wore a big gold-chain and basically had the same flow. Be easy on me. I was a child and this comparison isn’t that far off.

P.N News was Ted Turners attempt at capturing a hip-hop audience. More specifically capturing a black audience. I’ll give him props though. While Vince McMahon had blacks singing carrying birds and wearing dog leashes, Ted Turner was representing the essence of what would soon become the most popular culture of present day.

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