For any real pro-wrestling fan, you know what it means to get “The Push.” For those unaware, “The Push” is when Vince McMahon makes a decision to put a guy over, or put a title on a certain character. In the ’80s, the guy with the ultimate push was Hulk Hogan, with the help of […]

   WATCH THIS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE In the final clip in the ninth episode of #NoFilter, the cast attempts to make sense of Tyrese’s #WCW love for Janelle Monae. While we couldn’t tell if it was thirst or just genuine affection, we were certain about the level of ridiculousness in the other four segments of the […]

I saw a meme the other day that not only was extremely funny to me but also got me thinking. Have wrestlers been setting the bar for hip-hop innovation long before we even heard of some of our favorite rappers? In some cases, I say yes! So if I ever get a chance to have a […]

Before John Cena, there was another wrestler who made his mark along with his rhymes in the ring. He was straight out of Motown [Detroit, Michigan]. He was The Rapmaster P.N News in WCW. Off top I thought News was Prince Markie Dee’s Brother. For the younger fans Prince Markie Dee was the “Light-skin Dude […]

Former WCW wrestler and NWO member Buff Bagwell was involved in a serious car crash which landed him in an intensive care unit of an Atlanta hospital. According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Bagwell phoned his wife while he was driving around 1:30 pm to advise her he was getting ready to have a seizure. […]