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Remember tuning into MTV’s “Making the Band” every week to see what was happening with Diddy’s soulful R&B group Day 26?


After a brief hiatus from one another, the original five members of Day 26 are back together and have just recently released their latest EP “The Return.” We sat down to talk with Mike and Willie from the group to pick their brains about the current state of R&B and how they decided to get back together.

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So you all broke up about 3-4 years ago, what sparked the reunion? Did Danity Kane reuniting happen to impact your decision?

Mike: No, not at all. I think that one thing I’m tired of and I’m probably sure they are as well, is I know we came from a reality show and we were all staying under one building- You know, we got so much love for those girls and I’m sure they got the same amount of love for us but we are two different groups, two different entities with two different styles of music. We were actually in the process of ourselves getting back together before they announced it. We didn’t know anything about it, we didn’t know anything about them having a reunion at all. When we saw them we were like “Aww, okay. Cool.” But there’s had nothing to do with sparking ours. We were already in talks of doing it. We were trying to decide if we wanted to go on tour or record music first. But Rob made that call to everybody and basically asked what we thought about it and individually we all said yea and by the next day we were all on the phone discussing the details of it and how were we going to make sense of individually and collectively for everybody.

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