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I woke up this morning with Men, Women, Money and Why on my mind. So I want to tell y’all what my new theory is. Now I’m sure you have heard some of this in your favorite rap songs before but, still hear me out. This won’t be the classic, cut and dry “M.O.B” dialogue that will raise eyebrows and question my value in life. This is more of an honest self assessment of who I am and what I’ve experienced as well as seen. This is also my attempt to bridge the gap in the understand of Men and Women. Not just for you reading but, for myself as well.

My Theory: Men value money so much in this world because once you decide you love or at the very least like a woman, you have to be able to afford her.

It doesn’t matter what section of the world you live in. Doesn’t matter what type of music you listen to or what type of TV Shows you watch. Every man will meet a woman [if that’s your preference] and will decide that he wants more or he wants something from this woman. From that point time and money will be spent. There is no way around it. It’s not about a female being a “Gold Digger” or “High maintenance” it’s the forces of nature and the roles of men and women. Even if you got a woman who says she’s about “the little things” you got to spend.

It has been culturally accepted that the man asks the woman out, the man picks up the woman, and the man treats the woman. That applies to first date, committed relationship and marriage. I have no problem with that because it’s proving my point. Sure it’s a progressive level to what is spent but it most definitely will increase. The first time you take your woman to a Ruth’s Chris or a restaurant where you learn a new word or have a new experience. You can bet that bottom dollar that you are going to have to pull out of your pocket that you are going to have to do it again within the next calendar year. Even the woman that admits to understanding your tax bracket will still get accustomed but, want more with time.

The “Independent Woman” says “Bring what I can bring to the table”. However what’s not being realized by most of them is, your life is mirroring the expectation of what a man is supposed to do anyway. You’re not doing anything new or special. You’re doing what men do everyday and that’s building a lifestyle worthy of a woman’s attention.

This is why a seeming majority of men, whether right or wrong are quick to tell a woman “I got money” or “I can buy that for you” because we understand that as time progresses we are going to have to find a way to get it for you whether you are “Independent” or not. Men don’t talk about nor strive to have a lot of money to impress other men. Men get money to get and afford women. No, it’s not a prostitution thing. It’s a real life, natural selection, I don’t want to die alone thing.

A woman’s whole outfit can be 75 dollars and she will still have options. A man’s whole outfit can be 250 dollars and he will find a woman that don’t like his shoes. It’s just the reality of how things go. Once you have afforded a presentation that is worthy of the female you desire, it is now time to buy cards, gifts, make reservations, wash and gas up the car and your night hasn’t really started yet.

All the above is why men are out here trying to get this money. Yes! You heard it here first. The average man is up early, busting his behind, getting fly and stashing away all for the the company and affection of a woman. Could this be why men are not as emotionally invested in a relationship in the beginning? Possibly. I know personally, that I’ve been in a conversation with a female and my mind drifted off to thinking about when my bills are due and when my next check is coming. No man really wants two jobs but, when your disposable income is now for two, you got to do something.

Men keep making it to charm women while caking it [That’s a little KRS-One with Chicago Flavor for y’all]

Fellas. Don’t go reading this and starting an argument with your lady and say she got to pay tonight…You may be called a lame and end up single within that 5 minutes of conversation. It ain’t worth it. You know why? Cause now you got to save up to either mend your broken situation or you got save up to step out and move on. Johnny Taylor already told you what’s cheaper.

Also, don’t argue with a woman about money. You’re possibly going to get a rebuttal of what you “use to do” and “what you said in the beginning”. People and situations change everyday but, some battles are doomed from the first shot. In other words, It’s just not worth it. Fall back Bruh.

If you got nothing else from this, I hope you got that it’s a lot of men working hard out here for you women. I know some of these cats approaches aren’t right and yes you should check them. However, after you check them and your kind of interested, try to be a person of balance. It’s a lot of men out here that have not been treated by a woman since they got they first job in High School. Some men have never been treated ever. We understand the expectation we just want more than the “Well, you the man!” for doing the right things sometimes.

Traditionally, the Father pays for the Daughters wedding. That’s the real reason Men want sons…lol. – CamQuotes

This Hip-Hop Classic contains explicit lyrics. Viewer Discretion is advised.

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