Leave it to the Internet to turn #FlashbackFriday into a potential movie pitch session. A three-year-old photo has been making its rounds on social media of Lupita Nyong’o and Rihanna sitting pretty in the front row of a Paris fashion week. Twitter pitched an entire action-comedy story-line based on the gorgeous pic. See below: Even […]

FLOTUS chimed in on the emoji conversation following feminine brand Always' ad campaign to encourage confidence in young women with their campaign "Like A Girl."


Amber Rose is trending on Twitter for some comments she recently made in TIME Magazine.

The breakfast eatery received major backlash on Sunday evening after tweeting, "Flat but has a GREAT personality," with a photo of a stack of their famous pancakes. The tweet wasn't well received by its fans who normally enjoy the company's humor.

The Emmys are right around the corner and Hollywood's leading ladies want to discuss more than what they're wearing on the red carpet.


The most provocative and controversial music video program to ever air on BET is making it’s triumphant return to television. Back by supposed popular demand, the network has confirmed that the program is coming to a late night TV screen near you in 2015. The announcement was made via the BET Twitter page late Wednesday evening. […]

You don’t have to be an avid Game of Thrones fan to know the show is graphic, to put things gently. Each episode is packed…

R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn makes music about loving and pleasing your woman, but he knows not every woman you date deserves your red light special. One type of woman who doesn’t deserve all of a man’s romantic gestures is a THOT, which is internet slang for that ho over there. The problem with trying to […]

Keep in touch with CamQuotes on Twitter Follow @BehindTheRhyme I woke up this morning with Men, Women, Money and Why on my mind. So I want to tell y’all what my new theory is. Now I’m sure you have heard some of this in your favorite rap songs before but, still hear me out. This […]


I love a good barbecue. And it’s not because – as a Black dude – I’m supposed to. Seriously; who doesn’t enjoy the inviting aroma of sizzling animal flesh moonwalking across warm sunshine on a nice day? And don’t get me started on the God-given greatness that is barbecue sauce. No, I don’t enjoy barbecues […]

Singer-songwriter Ne-Yo strayed away from R&B on his last project in favor of a Euro-dance sound. Well, for his latest release “Money Can’t Buy,” the Grammy Award winner returns to his R&B home with an airy summer groove. On the song Ne-Yo continues to harp praise on his favorite kind of woman–the one who has […]

Women have always had to deal with not getting equal treatment in the work force. Despite having to do the same job as a man, a woman normally gets paid less. The thing is, women do the same jobs as men while dealing with some recurring natural pain in the form of their monthly visitors. […]