Who says Johnny Manziel has to ease up on the partying with his boys and showing it off on Instagram? While Brown’s owner Jimmy Haslam wants Money Manziel to tone down the partying, Jets running back Chris Johnson thinks Manziel should be partying because it’s the off-season and there is no better time to get your party on.

“Do what you got to do. It’s the offseason, that’s when you get time to do whatever you want to do and live your life,” Chris Johnson told “I’m pretty sure once the season gets here, he’ll be all right. He’s going to focus in on football. But this is the time now to where he’ll be able to hang out and do some of the things you want to do. Because once the season gets here, you really have no life. It’s just football and football.”

Let’s take a look at Manziel’s partying ways with all his celebrity friends caught on Instagram.

Johnny Manziel And His Famous Friends
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