Take a moment to celebrate our four-legged friends following Montreal's ban on pit bull and pit bull-like dogs.

The Human Rights Campaign and accomplished director Ryan Murphy assembled a touching video that features 49 celebrities.

R&B singer Raheem DeVaughn makes music about loving and pleasing your woman, but he knows not every woman you date deserves your red light special. One type of woman who doesn’t deserve all of a man’s romantic gestures is a THOT, which is internet slang for that ho over there. The problem with trying to […]

Who says Johnny Manziel has to ease up on the partying with his boys and showing it off on Instagram? While Brown’s owner Jimmy Haslam wants Money Manziel to tone down the partying, Jets running back Chris Johnson thinks Manziel should be partying because it’s the off-season and there is no better time to get […]

  Being a pop culture junkie like I am, I’ve sat and watched countless interviews with my favorite and not-so-favorite celebrities. While most of them are your usual run-of-the-mill, this-is-what-I’m-promoting type conversations, some interviews remain in your head for the craziness that happens. Case and point, if I said, “Crack is whack!” You’d immediately think […]

  Any time you get on a social networking site, you’re inundated with people talking about “The Thirst.” Thirst is exactly what you think it is. It’s when someone is trying too hard to be down when the party they’re trying to be down with wants nothing to do with them. While many times it’s […]