Twitter battle star and sometimes rapper Azaelia Banks is finally happy about something. After years of album delays and other industry politics, she has finally been released from her record contract with Universal Music.

Azealia Banks announced her departure from the label on Twitter on the afternoon of July 10th. The “212” rapstress expressed her excitement over being let go by comparing it to the hit film “The Color Purple.” Azealia Banks tweeted, “I’M ABOUT TO GET OUT OF MY DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS THE BIG SURPRISE!!!!! I’m feeling like miss celie at the end of color purple. … Free at last.”


Banks won fans over with the aforementioned single “212” in 2011. Fans expected her to capitalize on the buzz created by her hit song by dropping an album immediately. That never happened. Banks put out an EP called “1991” which was followed a year later with the mixtape “Fantasea.”

While casual fans were starting to lose interest in Azealia’s talent, she kept their attention by constantly getting into arguments with rappers like T.I. and Angel Haze. She’s also felt the wrath of Twitter when she used homophobic slurs.

Now that Banks is a free agent, let’s see if her debut album will ever get released.

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