With LeBron James deciding to leave Miami and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers the free agent pendulum has now swung to New York Knick Carmelo Anthony.

While attending Bacardi’s “Flavor At The Rucker” event in Harlem, USA asked Brooklyn MC Troy Ave, who performed at half time, what he thought Melo should do.

“The selfish fan in me would be ‘Melo stay’ but I can’t speak for what that man do or his pockets,” says the “New York Bricks” rapper. “I be ballin but I don’t be f*ckin with the NBA ballin’. I do my own thing. So Melo, do what’s best for you.”

Troy Ave was the first of three hip hop stars to perform at BACARDI Flavor at the Rucker at Rucker Park. Red Café will be the next performer on July 31st followed by The Breakfast Club on August 7th.

BACARDI Flavored Rum is hosting Flavor at Rucker on Thursday nights through August 7th, fusing their top flavors with the best in basketball culture including appearances from hip-hop artists who have changed the game, a court design by renowned tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon and game action from New York’s best players at Rucker Park.


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