3) Nothing SAGs on her but her CARD!

I joined SAG (Screen Actors Guild) at the age of 10 and I booked three commercials at like a three-month timespan. It was an Alberton*, a Tide and this ad campaign called “Purple Moon” which is like this really cool doll product that had came out so right away I was going for the lead role of not being behind the camera, I was a lead actress by that point. Shortly after that, I did the “Gregory Hines Show” and in between that I did “The Parkers.” That was a great experience working with Mo’Nique and the rest of the cast because they were such comedians and they were so funny. They made me feel like I was right at home even though Mo’Nique  would make jokes calling me skinny, she’d be like “You too skinny to be on this show.” It was so funny. She would even purposely go out of her way to say “Can we order some Roscoe’s for the skinny girl on set? She needs to eat.”

2) She barked on Ice Cube in “Janky Promoters.”

I did “Janky Promoters” with Ice Cube and Mike Epps and that was really cool because they practically gave me the part because I did a couple music videos with Ice Cube and he knew I was an actress. It was truly like a family situation when you work with certain people. They know who you are and they like you and they appreciate your talents and just bring you right in. Ice Cube was definitely one of those guys that did that.

1) She probably knows more about sports than you do

When I found out that LeBron was going back to Cleveland I was actually on the set. All the guys know me and they’re just like “I don’t understand a girl who’s just so into sports like you.” So we had just got done taping a show and I’m sitting there at one of the desks of our executive producers, Steve Boltzer, and it came in as breaking news saying that LeBron James was heading back to the Cavaliers and they thought I was crazy. I stood up and said “OH MY GOD!” and they were like “What’s wrong?” I said “Lebron James is heading back to Cleveland!” It was so funny, because half the people were like ‘Oh” because they don’t care about sports and then the other half- the guys who are like super sports nuts- their mouths were open and they were like “NO WAY!” The other half were ultimately Miami Heat fans so they were pissed, they were like “I can’t believe he would do that, explicit, explicit, explicit.”  Being from L.A., I am a diehard Kobe fan. I rock with the Lakers, I rock with the Clippers, I know a lot of the players so I’ve never been a diehard LeBron fan, nor did I really care about the Miami Heat or the Cleveland Cavaliers, but I appreciate LeBron’s talent. When I heard he was going back to Cleveland, an all new respect came from me to LeBron James because you know, that was really amazing. He could have just said “You know I brought two rings here let me stay here and keep getting more and lets have them put pieces around me and just kind of live in the luxury of it all” but instead he said “I did my job here let me go back to my hometown and win a ring there.” I have the ultimate respect for that—and people that know me know Ive never said anything respectful about Lebron James so they know. That was really respectful and now I can actually call myself a fan of his. I love what he did.

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