We are not sure how or why we are back at this discussion again. We guess it just doesn’t get old for some people. In a recent sit down with Vlad TV, Lil Debbie was asked a few questions about Hip Hop staple Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian and his stance on who is considered to be guests in the Hip Hop realm.

They couldn’t really have a discussion on this because Lil Debbie had no idea who Lord Jamar was! She then admitted to something that some would consider a criminal offense…she didn’t know who Brand Nubian was either! We aren’t sure how you are even aloud to be issued a Hip Hop card to for pulling if you don’t know who Brand Nubian is…but we digress!

So, since they couldn’t really speak on Jamar..she took the conversation to V-Nasty’s usage of the word that starts with an N…and ends with either an a or er depending upon who is speaking and why!

Take a look at her defense of the usage of the word nigga and how she thinks if people don’t want it said..then they need to quit using it themselves in the video below.

Blank…stares…all around the room.

Bottom line…to us…she makes Oakland look bad. We know so many wise, intelligent, thoughtful, thought provoking and inspiring people from the Bay Area. The place is rich in its activist history and some of the greatest musical acts to ever record have either come from that area or have called it home at some time. And nobody else sounds the way this girl and her friends sound. Or at least none that we’ve heard of.

So, we’re sort of tired of hearing that this is an “Oakland thing”…because it isn’t. It’s a “the people around her are condoning the stuff she says thing”. What those people still fail to understand is…if this girl or any of her friends say that word outside of their little area, the resulting actions could be harmful. And what’s more…no one would blame the people who reacted badly to it.

We have to believe these kids have already been told that using that word can get you hurt. But if they don’t want to listen…then there is nothing anyone can do except hope and pray the wrong person doesn’t hear it.

She clearly doesn’t understand the historical links. You can tell that by her rationale as to why no one should be allowed to say it.

Hip Hop has a history and we think this girl should probably learn some more about it so that she can carry on an intelligent conversation regarding the art form that she claims she wants a career in.

Because you know what they say about what happens to people who don’t know their history….they are doomed to repeat it. This is no exception.




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