The N-Word

The "N-word" topic comes up frequently when discussing race relations in America.

  In today’s soul crushing ’80s childhood hero admissions, Hulk Hogan was ousted from the WWE when footage of past racist remarks surfaced. And while it’s tough to come to terms with for avid wrestling fans― this is Hulk Hogan we’re talking about― some are not hanging up their belts just yet. The Urban Daily’s […]

We are not sure how or why we are back at this discussion again. We guess it just doesn’t get old for some people. In a recent sit down with Vlad TV, Lil Debbie was asked a few questions about Hip Hop staple Lord Jamar from Brand Nubian and his stance on who is considered to […]

A few weeks ago the Animal Network released a supercut video of every time the word “n*gger” was mentioned in a Quentin Tarantino movie.  They’ve followed up that fete with a supercut of the over 100 n-bombs dropped in “Django Unchained.” The censored version is below but you can catch the uncensored version HERE–or just […]

Director Quentin Tarantino likes the N-Word. A Lot. Maybe more than Trinidad James. Maybe more than The Last Poets. Maybe not as much as Samuel L. Jackson, but he likes it. Must Read: Samuel L. Jackson On Gun Control, Django & Attracting Black Moviegoers His latest movie “Django Unchained” received criticism for the 110 N-bombs dropped during the […]

Natassia “Kreayshawn” Zolot, a white rapper from Oakland, California is defending the use of the “n-word” in a Twitter post, saying that everybody uses the word where she grew up, according to

In comedy very little is off limits. In fact, the more polarizing a subject is the more likely it is to end up in a joke. On a recent episode of HBO’s “Talking Funny” comedians Chris Rock goes so far as to call Louis C.K. the “N*ggerest f*cking white man…” while Jerry Seinfeld says he’s […]

From Make no mistake — as an entrepreneur and lyricist, Jay-Z is dumb nice with his. But sometimes when he’s being interviewed he just sounds dumb. The campaign to remake his image for a mainstream audience seems to be backfiring by only reinforcing stereotypes about ignorant rappers. “Triple entendre” anyone?

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, known for his acting roles in films like Bend It Like Beckham and Woody Allen’s Match Point as well as his starring role in the cable series The Tudors, caused a drunken ruckus in a NYC’s JFK airport in which he used the much dreaded “N” word.

Actor and Comedian John Witherspoon is a Hollywood legend. From his turns in Friday and Boomerang to his voice work for The Boondocks, his voice and manner is unmistakable.

Poor worker doing his job on the train gets harassed by some giant man screaming the “N” word. Not only does he insult him but he mushed/punched the dude.