The “N-word” topic comes up frequently when discussing race relations in America. There are people who think everyone should say it, folks who think only black people can say it, and some who think nobody can say it. As rap, a black music platform where the “N-word” is easily tossed around, has been brought to the mainstream, the conversation about the word tends to heighten. One of the alleged drawbacks of rap infiltrating society’s spaces, is whether white people singing along to a song should avoid using it then, too. Does it make someone racist for only using it in a song? Does it not matter if it’s just being sung? Who gets to make the rules?

Barry Bonds posted this video featuring a bunch of students that goes to his daughter’s school. In the video, while rapping along to A$AP Ferg’s “Dump Dump,” the N-word wasn’t omitted. Bonds wasn’t happy and cited some statistics about the school at the beginning of the video.

The video Bonds shared was originally posted to YouTube on Sunday by a group called Brentwood Students Against Racism and includes stats about the school. According to the group’s video, there are only three black 10th grade students out of a class of 120 at Brentwood, which the video claims is a 50 percent drop from the 2014-15 school year.”

The Brentwood Students Against Racism group filed a petition about the video due to the school’s lack of action.

“The administration has refused to take action about Brentwood students using the n-word,” and posted a link to a petition they’ve started to try and compel the school’s administration to act on the incident.”

After the petition, the school said they’d “reflect on our response as a school administration and identify what Brentwood School can do better in the future to help all of our students understand the harm that this type of conduct causes to themselves, to others, and to the community.”

SOURCE: Change.Org, Complex | VIDEO: Twitter


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